May Garden Update

We have been having a beautiful rainy Spring here in SW Idaho. The garden is doing well. Here are some progress shots for the record. Some things need thinning, but all of them are planted according to Dick Raymond’s wide-row method. This method spaces plants closer together in a wide row which makes better use of space, produces an exponentially greater harvest per row-foot, and uses growing plants as “living mulch” to help control weeds because they grow together and block light underneath them.

The newer peas did well. The older peas I planted (2013 seeds) did not – hence the patchiness there. Lesson: use new pea seeds even if you keep your seeds in the freezer.

We have been enjoying radishes and bags of delicious fresh spinach.

Freshly tilled space.
Potatoes are off to a good start. We planted a variety of potatoes for the early crop.
Leeks and Onions have gotten a foothold.
Beets – pre-thinning.
Broccoli, turnips.
A few peas. They are sparse because some seed was old. We have also had a lot of rain.
Turnips and peas. Turnips haven’t been thinned.
This was one of those dry, boxed rhubarb plants from the hardware store. So far so good I guess.
A row of asparagus barely visible there.
Newly tilled space. We’re going to put squash and melons here.
Romaine Lettuce is doing well.
Cabbage. There are actually 3 dozen plants here.
More lettuce. Buttercrunch, romaine, Green Ice leaf, Ithaca, and Summertime.